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۞ 【狩人の夜】 ۞ ... just a hunting collector.

※ The Ωmega Blue Café ※


Gender (fem.)
Background◆ Studies in sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry & biology → botany, zoology, microbiology and genetics), law and psychology.

◇ Knowledges in ⇒ forensics (medicine & psychology) and a few ⇒ lenguages (english, spanish, french, swedish, latin, italian, portuguese and of course german...actually giving a try: japanese)
Many. Beginning with politics, economy, history, religion, literature, mythology, sports, music (I'm pretty open to all kind of music, although I generally prefer rock), antic figures made of white marble, crosses, (erotic & aesthetic) ART(work)... just what you call a wide range.

I like to read and to draw (illustrate) 'though I haven't lately the time to devote myself to them.
FandomReviews, news, general updates, information and goods provider.
I've been in charge of several projects (scanlations, RM'tress e.g.) and I've some (adult) RPG/ROL experiences as well.

About this journal

I'm -a kind of- manganime COLLECTOR, specialized in doujinshis (同人誌), special/limited artbooks/mangas & RARE merchandise.

I don't have any preferred genre nor series/artist/author. The story behind just has to be catchy or the art interesting & well drawn.

I will use this journal only for personal records and public (although restricted, due to some 18+ ratings) information ⇒ i.e. I will write reviews and try to list my owned doujinshis including details and interior samples.

Why? Just as a reference point for other collectors or people interested to acquire one of these items.

So please feel free to friend me if we have something in common (see list above) or you're just an interested collector or person who just would like to discuss about the exposed topics & items.

▲▼ Sections that will be/are friend-locked ▲▼

→ Download(s)
→ (Future) scanlations/translations/projects
→ Private collection (incl. sample-scans)
→ Artwork(s)
→ Reviews 【R-18】
→ News / info 【R-18】

Mantainer of the The Ωmega Blue Café - a doujinshi information resource.
Please visit doujin_cafe for further details.

≪Still under heavy construction (May/07) & momentarily under heavy reformation (February/08)≫

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