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BLEACH (H!Ichi) - ۞ 【狩人の夜】 ۞ ... just a hunting collector.
※ The Ωmega Blue Café ※
I'm dissolving my doujinshi collection.
Therefore I'm selling some VERY HIGH quality and RARE BLEACH doujinshis in PERFECT conditions.

All doujinshis are NEW and pretty RARE (due to their pairing).
Please indicate the reference number, your location and shipping preference (priority airmail registered or priority airmail unregistered) when ordering.
I accept PAYPAL. In some cases I'll accept other payment methods, as well.

#Hichi01 【R-18】 ⇒ ShiroIchigo x Ichigo Private Anthology
CLICK for further details"
Price: 22.00 US$


CLICK for further details"
Price: 15.00 US$ ⇒ ShiroIchigo x Ichigo; comes with an additional circle (short comic) paper (SAMPLE)
De gustibus est disputandum