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【INTRODUCTION】 - ۞ 【狩人の夜】 ۞ ... just a hunting collector.
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seylyn From: seylyn Date: 12. Juni 2007 07:25 (UTC) (Link)
Hallo! I came across your journal and was just wondering if I may add you to my friend list? I collect doujin also :)
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 13. Juni 2007 15:57 (UTC) (Link)
Sure, just go ahead! I'm always glad to find other doujinshi collectors like me.
I hope that you don't mind, that I friended you back and that my LJ ist still under heavy construction ^_^;;

Btw, You have also a pretty large (e.g. DGM collection), I'm quite impressed.
I also noticed that you know Anachrojet & Gataca for example and collect Banzy doujins, as well.
seylyn From: seylyn Date: 14. Juni 2007 04:02 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! I don't mind at all, and we're always under construction, aren't we ;)?

Ah, if you like the style of Anachrojet+Gataca, you might also like Morishima or Pochomkin's work. Banzy always draws really pretty, though I've found that all her (black-haired) men tend to look the same hehe!

I know it says otherwise in your profile, but do you have any particular artist(s) that you are currently following? (I apologize if I ask too many questions! I don't really know any other collectors to geek out with, hurhur... ;o;)

And of course if you'd like scans of anything I have, please feel free to ask :)!
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 15. Juni 2007 21:56 (UTC) (Link)
Haha, so true...nearly always under construction (but in my case I just started listing on LJ and still need to post all the details....)

I've been a few times tempted to buy Pochomkin's doujins (especially the Kanda implying covers were pretty attracting), but in the end I didn't give them any priority.

Really? Then Banzy shares this peculiarity with some other artist as well ;P

(I apologize if I ask too many questions! I don't really know any other collectors to geek out with, hurhur... ;o;)

Me too! Although I think that there will be never enough questions asked, so don't worry ;)

Any particular artist, hm...it depends, what fandom for example or generally? (last one is pretty difficult, because there are actually too many -interesting and worthy artists, I guess ^_^;;)

And thank you very much for you kind offer! I really appreciate it.
Same here :) Just ask, maybe I can be of any help.
seylyn From: seylyn Date: 16. Juni 2007 19:38 (UTC) (Link)
Pochomkin/Raikainu's stuff tend to be a little short unfortunately but still quite nice overall. I probably wouldn't drop a lot of money on them though.

As for artists, how about generally :)? (Haha, there are so many awesome ones out there... For myself, I usually find them through fandom and just keep going back for everything lol)
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 19. Juni 2007 20:32 (UTC) (Link)
Thanks for your brief outline :)

I also stumble sometimes (coincidentally) upon new artists and track afterwards all of their former works down.

Hm, here are some examples of the current artists/circles (multiple fandoms): Razu Yoroi, Ugetsu Hakua, Neutral, Mika Sadahiro, Moka Blend, RURU, Ciel, Neema, Wolfina, Akitsugu Fujino, Kouyu Shurei, Turuya, Jet Monster, Deep Cross, Kiki, Kai Tsurugi, Mescalin, h34d., Y.Vonne (only latter works), Banzy, Hi-Jet, Emotional Q, Cosecha, Chun, Solid&Etc., Tsubakiscou, Zanzibar, 969+, [:plus:], Tess, Minato Tajima, Fem, Fujiko, MR-gt..........too much to list them all (and I surely forgot some of the main ones, as well).

Priorities depending on my current funds & publication/event times, haha ;)

And yours?
seylyn From: seylyn Date: 22. Juni 2007 23:51 (UTC) (Link)
Ooh, that's quite a list!

For me, I'm currently stalking following: Banzy, BALOR, Peeco?, Mahko, Ciel, TrickTrap, Memewo, WASAB'z, Gataca, redviolet, Palbanguard, mos

If I have links saved, I try to visit them once in a while to see what's new...but I'm kind of obsessive and there's a lot of links hurhur... XD.

As for my purchasing habits, it's usually a mix of funds also (of course, haha) and how readily available it is. If there's older work by artists I like, I try to snag them first :3.
millepetit From: millepetit Date: 13. Juni 2007 09:46 (UTC) (Link)
Added, add me back please? ^^
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 13. Juni 2007 15:47 (UTC) (Link)
Added back & sorry it took some time. I've been additional busy these past days.
If you need some information or I can be otherwise of some help, just ask ^_^
vismaior From: vismaior Date: 18. Juni 2007 12:27 (UTC) (Link)
Do you mind if I add you?
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 19. Juni 2007 19:52 (UTC) (Link)
Surely not ;)
And mind if I friend you back?
vismaior From: vismaior Date: 19. Juni 2007 23:13 (UTC) (Link)
Not at all! You have some very interesting stuff here.
wasurenaikara From: wasurenaikara Date: 2. September 2007 21:52 (UTC) (Link)
^^;; Hello~ My name is Hinaku and I found your journal while desperately trying to find scans for the third Shadow of the Moon doujin. A friend and I are scanlating the first two and would love to be able to finish the series as well.

I think you have them? If you do, would you mind sharing with us? It'd be really greatly appreciated. :3 Thanks for your time.
putain From: putain Date: 13. Oktober 2007 15:29 (UTC) (Link)
Hey there, would it be okay if you added me to your friend's list. I also collect doujins as a hobby, but I certainly don't have as many doujins as you. xD It would be nice if we could share and trade doujin scans in the future!

Thanks for your attention and I hope you'll friend me back when you have a spare moment. ^^

xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 14. Oktober 2007 23:00 (UTC) (Link)
Sure, already done & thanks for friending me.
I'm always willing to trade informations (incl. sample scans).
It seems, that there aren't so many non-specialized collectors out there...that's why any bit of information is more than welcomed ^^;;

Btw, what's your favourite fandom, circle or artist?
putain From: putain Date: 18. Oktober 2007 05:49 (UTC) (Link)
I think for Ciel, I'd like ANY pairing, seriously!! XD

Woah that's a very impressive history of fandom doujins! I don't really know alot bout Fujino because like I said, I basically only started reading her doujins about 3 months back, but now I'll definitely go around and try to find more information about her other doujins with other circles!

Ah you see, I prefer Lamento because I've played the game! That and I really really loved Rai haha! With Togainu no chi, I enjoy the doujins, but I haven't had a chance to play the game yet, so I'll have to be a little biased and say I prefer Lamento over it, for now anyways.

Wow you've been collecting Kashi's doujins since back in the 90s??? How long have you been a doujin collector anyways? o__o

By the way, I think I might need your help once more... I see that you have purchased a copy of Zilch #3 by Kiki, so I wanted to ask you, do you know where I can purchase the doujin? I'm thinking of getting it in the near future (once I get some money lol) as I absolutely loved Zilch 2, but I've been searching for a while now and I haven't had alot of luck. It'll be great if you can point me to a english site of some sort where they might have the doujin for sale! ^^

Hopefully, it's not sold out... T__T
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 20. Oktober 2007 01:21 (UTC) (Link)
That's no problem at all...I can help you providing this information (concerning Fujino's other works).

My case is quite the contrary: I've played and purchased only Togainu (special limited edition...besides SHIKI, uhm....) and not Lamento ^_^;;

I collect (seriously) doujinshis since about 8 years now, I guess. And you?

Concerning Zilch 3....as far as I know it's already sold out (like all other parts of this series) and in some cases pretty expensive now, too.
BUT I'll be selling one NEW copy in december (when I'm back in Germany, 'cause I'm actually in a foreign country).
So if you're interested, I'll reserve it for you at (much) less than the original purchased price.
vynara From: vynara Date: 10. Januar 2008 22:05 (UTC) (Link)

I'm into Sengoku Basara :)

Hello, would you mind if I add you as a friend? I'm fairly new to the hobby of doujinshi collecting, since it's only recently that I've actually had the money to do it. So far, however, I collect only Sengoku Basara titles. I'm unable to share my titles unfortunately due to my lack of a scanner, but I'll love to geek out and talk about it. So... pretty please? :)
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 11. Januar 2008 00:43 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I'm into Sengoku Basara :)

Sure, I don't mind - au contraire. May I ask, if I can friend you back?
I'm always interested to get to know other doujinshi collectors or people just sharing the same interests :)
So you're a SenBasara fan? Glad to hear that, because I don't know really many people sharing e.g. this 'collector passion'. I collect 戦国BASARA doujinshis, too (I'm collecting doujinshis (generally) since several years now). And yes, some of them can be pretty expensive, especially the 'private anthology' ones, issued at special -sometimes lesser known- events....*sighs*.
Anyways, if you feel like talking or just need some kind of information (as long as I'm able to help you out *coughs*), don't hesitate to contact me/comment ;)
Btw, any fav chara , pairing or circle?
Ah, and don't be surprised if some sections can't be displayed, etc. yet...I'm actually reorganizing my LJ & relisting my new acquired doujinshis (the SenBasara section e.g. is only a small test-preview that I'll complete & change in the end).
The reason why I've taken most of the doujinshi information off.
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
putain From: putain Date: 6. Februar 2008 16:36 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Urgent: Are you still selling your copy of Zilch 3? xD

I've been fine too, thank you~ Just been a little busy lately and university's about to start soon. x,x;

Oh, you're overseas at the moment?? Don't worry, this isn't THAT urgent, so please take your time. Go home and rest first and then get back to me then, alright? ^^

Before we discuss anything, I was wondering if you could tell me approximately how much you'd sell your copy of Zilch 3 for, in US dollars preferably. I'm a little low on cash right now, so if you're planning to sell it at a high price, I might have to pass, I'm afraid. ^^;

Anyways, thanks for taking time to answer my comment and I'll talk to you again soon! 8D
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 7. Februar 2008 02:41 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Urgent: Are you still selling your copy of Zilch 3? xD

Don't worry and enjoy your last few holydays before university starts :)
About the price, I didn't mentioned it before, because I don't have my selling list at hand...but anyways, I usually sell my doujinshis between 10-25 US$ (even talking about RARE and OOP ones), this particularly for aprox. 20/22 US$, I guess (have to check it first to be sure).

Would this price range be OK?

Ah, and I found 2 of my sample images:
Zilch Pin-up
putain From: putain Date: 7. Februar 2008 04:16 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Urgent: Are you still selling your copy of Zilch 3? xD

I think around US$20 will be alright, because the copy on Ebay was sold for US$20 as well. But since it's my friend who's going to be purchasing this for me, I'll need to confirm the price with her first, but it should be okay as long as you don't charge me too much for the shipping. xD

Oh sure, in that case, just contact me when you've arrived home so you can tell me your exact price k? Thank you so much for your reply again and for the sample pages too! I'll talk to you again soon. ^^
gackt_gratia From: gackt_gratia Date: 20. Mai 2008 16:22 (UTC) (Link)
Uh...I just come across the bleach dj section and it's quite a lot collection you have...I'm particularly chasing for some ByakuyaxRenji (well...actually, any pairings're good for me. So I added you as my friend, can you please add me too?

Promise won't bother you, it's just I'm chasing out for those doujinshis you have there.

Thanks a lot before!

PS: I found this link as I surf the byakuyaxrenji's lj comm and there is a dj scans posting but I can't download it since it's being f-locked. So perhaps if you do not wish to be added as friend, perhaps you can tell me where to download that doujinshi ^.^
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 20. Mai 2008 17:51 (UTC) (Link)
Sure...it'll be a pleasure to friend you. Just add me back ;)
Regarding the exposed titles....they're actually not quite accurately updated, because I'm "reforming" this LJ at the moment.
If you wish to see some samples and brief descriptions of some of the doujinshis I own, visit doujin_cafe.
I'm also not specialized in any particular BLEACH pairing.

If you need any help or more samples, just send me a PM or an e-mail. I'm always glad to be of any help. Besides I enjoy talking with others|collectors about these topics :)

BTW, the ByaRen doujinshi you mentioned is also still available at doujin_cafe. Just dig thorugh the posts, and you'll be rewarded.
If you don't like to join, please send me a message or comment here and I'll send you the download link ^_~
gackt_gratia From: gackt_gratia Date: 21. Mai 2008 15:37 (UTC) (Link)
Wew! Thanks a lot!
criaze From: criaze Date: 1. September 2008 10:30 (UTC) (Link)
I came across your journal randomly and, wow. Your collection is impressive *A*
Can I add you? XD
yunatayoo From: yunatayoo Date: 5. Dezember 2008 23:29 (UTC) (Link)
Can you add me, please? <3
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 12. Januar 2009 21:19 (UTC) (Link)
Hi ^_^
Already added and sorry for the delay. Anyways I must tell you...that you won't be able to see many doujinshis by now, because I'm reconstructing my LJ and have taken off a lot of entries.

Just hope I'll be able to relist them any time soon and even to review them in detail at doujin_cafe.

I'm sorry for this inconvenience. Wish you a happy new year ^_~
ninon_beart From: ninon_beart Date: 8. Januar 2009 03:38 (UTC) (Link)
Hello ^_^; I was looking for Kairi Shimotsuki interests and I watched your LJ. Do you mind if I add you as friend?. I'd like to see your doujinshis (:, specially Sengoku Basara, Lamento and Togainu no chi.

Hope your answer ^__^.
xx_moebius_xx From: xx_moebius_xx Date: 10. Januar 2009 22:38 (UTC) (Link)
Hi, and sorry for my belated reply. Sure, please go ahead and friend me ;) I'll friend you back as well, if you don't mind. It's always nice to get to know more fans, especially if they're interested e.g. in SB or Kairi Shimotsuki in general.
Although I must tell you...that you won't be able to see much of your mentioned categories by now, because I'm reconstructing my LJ and have taken off a lot of entries ^_^;;

Anyways I hope I'll be able to relist them any time soon and even to review them in detail at doujin_cafe.

Btw, wish you a happy new year!
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